I love working on lots of different types of projects and getting things done in a systematic and creative manner from the initial thought process, to trial and error, and finally to completion. I fully believe in trying new ideas, methods, and techniques when working on anything and allow myself to fail just a little bit in order to succeed.

Pete Adam Bialecki
Name : Pete Adam Bialecki
Phone : 847.361.2832
Email : peter.adam.bialecki@gmail.com
City : Chicago, IL, USA


My work consists of a variety of work that spans web design, web development, graphic design, concept design, and even writing.

This is just a small sample of my larger portfolio. Please send me an email if you would like to see more.


  • c


    Analyze performance, products, clients, and team work flow to create ongoing solutions.

  • b


    Create various forms of graphics through the use of typography, color schemes, digital illustration and more.

  • d


    Enhance the product look and feel based on client needs and available technologies.

  • f


    Acute and diligent attention to detail, organization, attentiveness, punctuality, and the ability to inspire and motivate.

  • p


    Increase backend usability, performance, and product / user interaction.

  • m


    Organize ideas, inspirations, and product development solutions.


- HTML / HTML5 (5 yrs.)
- CSS / CSS3 (3 yrs.)
- Javascript (1.5 yrs.)
- jQuery (1.5 yr.)
- Angular.JS (1 yr.)
- Ionic Framework (1 yr.)
- Cordova (1 yr.)
- SASS (1 yr.)
- AJAX (1 yr.)
- Visual Studio Code
- Sublime Text
- Xcode


- Adobe Creative Cloud
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe InDesign
- Adobe Lightroom
- Adobe Bridge
- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- Final Cut Pro X


- Apple Logic
- Propellarheads Reason
- Ableton Live
- Audacity
- Guitar/Bass (Acoustic/Electric)
- Piano/Synthesizers
- Mandolin
- Hand Percussion


- Acute and diligent attention to detail
- Highly organized and methodical
- Punctual and task orientated
- Strong ability to motivate and inspire
- Natural ability to work in a team and individually
- Strong sense of color, layout, typography, balance, space, visual movement, and composition




I love to work, be productive, and get things done. Nothing feels better than making a list of tasks, tackling them head on, and getting the job done.

  • 2017 - Current

    Interactive Developer

    Augeo Affinity Marketing

    Code, design, and test various kinds of interactive and fully responsive online digital materials for clients such as Home Depot, Metlife, Mastercard, U.S. Foods, Galderma, Vera Bradley, Geico, and many more. Manage assets and materials using CMS software like Spork, MailChimp, Exact Target, Constant Contact, and Atlassian.

  • 2016 - 2017

    Operations Manager / Web Developer


    Created and wrote main content for website and Android/iOS App. Built portfolio of digital assets, images, and responsive material. Helped with general admin/UI/UX debugging. Compiled local and national level petitions, call campaigns, activist meetups and events as well as database of non-governmental orginaztions.


There is so much that can be done and learned in a day. I think it is important to occupy your time with lots of individual pursuits, personal goals, and ways to always self-improve. When I have a moment to myself, I mostly do a lot reading, studying, songwriting, paiting, yoga, biking, weightlifting, programming, investing, traveling, and cooking. Most importantly, I truly believe that life is most beautiful and prosperous when surrounded by caring and supporting friends and family.