A great adventure to South America. This is not a dream but an already existing idea in my head that will become reality next year.
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South America
Life is extremely beautiful but it is also, really short. We need to travel, see the world, eat different kinds of foods, hear different languages, get lost, have fun, be peaceful, and meet some interesting souls along the way.
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Here are some of the places that we can go to that I had in mind...
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First stop of our travel adventure...
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Machu Picchu
Spend 7 Days Hiking up and down 8,000 Feet to see ancient ruins.
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The Inca Trail
Walk, hike, and traverse the Mollepata, Classic, and One Day trails.
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A Unesco World Heritage Site and a one of Peru's most visited cities.
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The capital and largest city in Peru.
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The second are where we would travel...
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San Pedro de Atacama – Atacama Desert
A dramatic surrouding landscape that incorporates deserts, salt flats, volcanoes, geysers and hot springs.
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Chile's main port and known for its bohemian, artistic vibe and lovely vistas.
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The political and cultural centre of the country.
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Torres Del Paine National Park
Soaring mountains, bright blue icebergs and glaciers, and grasslands that shelter rare wildlife such as llama-like guanacos.
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Puerto Rio Tranquillo – Marble Caves
Formation of marble caves carved out by rivers.
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First stop of our travel adventure...
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Buenos Aires
Argentina's Major Cosmopolitan City.
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Heavily populated with famous wineries in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.
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Iguazu Falls
The largest waterfall system in the world.
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One of the most diverse cities in Argentina.
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Argentine Beef
The largest waterfall system in the world.
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El Chaltén
Small southern town located in the Patagonia region surrounded by mountains and glaciers.
6 Outstanding El Chaltén Hiking Trails →
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Pack Accordingly
Since this will be a very active adventure, the name of the game is to pack light. For this trip, I will fit all of my belongings in a single carryone luggage-style backpack sized around 40L with an additional rollup day pack for weekend excursions.
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Save Money
Start saving and putting money away today. I will try to plan everything out as inexpensively as possible but if we travel for a couple weeks and possiblly for 3, it will not be cheap. Either way, it will be worth the price. Save, save, save!
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Get In Shape
This trip will be half relaxing and half physical. We will go on hikes, long walks, and tackle mountains of all shapes and sizes. We will have to deal with various climates and imense altitudes. Start working out now, get your knee braces, and be healthy.
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What Do You Think?
I made this web page just as a starting point for this trip, which will be life changing. There is still a lot of work and planning that needs to happen but overall, I just wanted to inspire you.
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